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Perfect P110 Commercial Upright Vacuum


Perfect P110 Commercial Upright Vacuum


  • Quick Change Belt System
  • 40 Foot Power Cord
  • Side Sweep Brushes
  • Great for commercial environments


A lightweight, maneuverable upright vacuum for commercial environments, the Perfect P110 offers a wide 13-inch cleaning path at low decibel levels. Pick up dirt and debris on carpets and smooth floor surfaces with one quick, easy sweep. Comes equipped with a 40 ft extension cord so you don't have to keep switching outlets as you make your way from room to room. 

The ergonomic handle was designed to fit flawlessly inside your hand while the fingertip controls allow you to turn the brushroll on and off to match the surface you’re vacuuming. Side sweep brushes help users clean along baseboards while non-marking wheels ensure you're hardwood floors won't experience a scuff or scratch. 

When finished vacuuming, simply wrap the cord around the dedicated cord handles and store in a dry location. Perfect for hospitals, offices, gymnasiums, studios, and more!


Perfect Products, the proven leader in floor care